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Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indian Passport Holders

 Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

Vietnam visa on arrival is currently extended to citizens of 163 countries including India. The Indian passport holders wishing to avail of on arrival visa have to meet 2 requirements:

1.    Have 6 months of validity remaining on the passport prior to date of travel with minimum 02 blank pages left.

2.   Travel to Vietnam by air

Visa on arrival is classified into Vietnam tourist visa and Vietnam business visa. The tourist visa on arrival for Indians is usually valid for 1 month and the business one remains validity during 3 months from the date of travel provided in the application form. However, we advise you to select the visa type based on intended length of time you stay in Vietnam in place of purpose of the visit. This is because the Immigration Officer at the airport has never asked you to prove the actual purpose of your travel. It means that they don’t care about the reason you enter the country.

Getting on arrival visa gives you several big benefits. One of them is hassle-free from gathering documents for application. From the beginning of 2014, the Indian citizens have no longer had to provide guarantee letter from sponsor. The Indian applicants, like almost every applicant from other countries, just need to enter their personal details in online form to lodge electric Vietnam visa application. If visa fees are your concern, you have more reason to use visa on arrival facility since it’s always cheaper to get on arrival visa than obtain the visa from Vietnam embassies. Furthermore, the speed of processing visa on arrival application is very quick. You are often issued the letter approval within 2 business days or the same day for emergency situation. And last but not least, you can easily submit the application from everywhere (India, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia…) and at any time without arranging appointment in advance.

There are 2 steps involved in getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens:

1.   Get visa approval letter online: this letter is issued by Immigration Department stating that you are allowed to enter Vietnam and pick up the visa at the airport of arrival. To get the letter, you will need to fill out online visa application form, pay processing fee with credit/debit cards. The approval letter will be sent to you via email within 2 business days. Once received, you need to print out the letter and complete the entry and exit form sent along with email from us.

2.  Get visa stamped upon arrival: when you get off the plane, please submit the above mentioned documents along with 01 passport-sized photo, your original passport and stamping fee (in cash) at Immigration Counter. Within around 10-15 minutes, a visa stamp will be placed on your passport.
Visa on arrival cost

Vietnam visa upon arrival fees are payable into 2 instalments:

- The processing fee is paid at the time of application and could be refunded in full in case you withdraw the application or your application is denied. The fee amount varies according to visa types and number of applicants. The group applications always receive better price than individual applications. You can pay the fee either with credit/debit cards or with cash in any currency. If you refuse to pay the fee, your application processing will be delayed. Consequently, you will not get the approval letter to pick up visa on arrival. Should you get difficulty in making payment online, please feel free to contact us anytime for assistance.

- The second instalment is paid at the airport. This is the fee to get visa stamped onto your passport. You have to pay the fee by cash in USD or VND. Other currencies are not accepted.

Please look at the table below for details on processing fee and stamping fee payable to each visa type.

Processing fee 

Visa type
Normal process
Urgent process
Super-urgent process
Stamping fee

(8 working hours)
(2 working hours)

1 month single

Plus $15

Plus $80

1 month multiple
3 month single
3 month multiple

Discount programs
From 2nd order:     18% OFF
From 5th order:     20% OFF
From 10th order:     22% OFF


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